Saturday, June 4, 2011

Salvage Chic Necklace

This project was inspired by my best friend's mom, a truly genuine and all-around cute person. 
The Crafty Challenge: Give this broken necklace new life!

The  lovely Donna has hung on to this vintage-y gorgeous (but broken) necklace from her childhood. She inquired if I could use the materials to whip her up a sweet piece of custom jewelry. So, she can actually wear the piece instead of it gathering dust in her jewelry box. Saving things from the garbage bin? Of course! It's only one of my all-time favorite pastimes. :) 

The Process:
Challenge ACCEPTED!
The original sad multiple pieces. 
Some people have a mental block about cutting stuff up...I do not.
 Break down the necklace (it was threaded together with knots in between beads) and let me see what I have to work with.
Use cute cast iron pan to organize. It's heavy duty with little compartments and has traction for picking up beads.
I divide the beads by color, brainstorm, and take many breaks to feed and cuddle with my 5-month-old. :)
The Result: Beachy Chic Necklace
Inspiration strikes! I shall go with a beachy, braided, three strand design. And a mere, 2 hours later...TA DA!
Three Strand Beaded Necklace with Matching Earrings by BIngo Buttercup Crafts
I decided to throw in a pair of matching earrings to make it fancy. 
TIP: Personal stashes of supplies, i.e. broken jewelry, need to be organized and used often  for optimal happy crafting. Know your hoarding limits. :)

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