Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Color Me Crafty:Pawnee Breakfast Club!

Free Pawnee Breakfast Club Coloring Page by Bingo Buttercup
I am so in love with the television show "Parks and Recreation." It is my go-to happy place when I need a laugh. So, naturally I was inspired to make cute coloring pages based on two of the characters' love of breakfast food. My tribute to JJ's Diner...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Me Crafty:Sweet Bird Family!

Free & Sweet Bird Family Coloring Page by Bingo Buttercup

I love creating my own coloring sheets and I want to share the cuteness with everyone! Here is a sweet coloring page that's available for personal use. Download, print and get creative! Fantastic to use for parties, classrooms, or babysitting activities...or just to add a little whimsy to your day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Guitar Pick Flowers

Make Fun Guitar Pick Flowers by Bingo Buttercup

Many years ago, I bought a ton of guitar picks to make into earrings. I also lived with two musicians and have my share of guitar playing friends that I have MAY have "borrowed" some from over the years to add to my collection. But recently, I decided to use them in a new way. Since, one of my favorite mediums of the moment is felt- I decided to incorporate some of that as well. The process was really simple and I'm sure that there are about a million ways to play around with what works for you.

Color Me Crafty: For the Love of Batman!

Free "Unsung Heroes: Batman's Janitor" coloring page by Bingo Buttercup