Thursday, July 19, 2012

Color Me Crafty: Penguin Love!

Free & Cute Penguin Coloring Page by Bingo Buttercup

You are never too old to appreciate a good ole' fashioned coloring session. In fact many adults color intricate designs because they find the activity soothing and meditative. Plus, it's an excellent way to flew your creative muscle. I'm totally addicted to creating my own coloring pages by scanning hand drawn designs into my computer, editing if desired, and printing! Viola! Customized and easy to reproduce for whatever my needs may be.  A few years back I worked with 2-year-old's at a Mother's Day Out program. For my class, I loved to create my own simple concept coloring sheets. By hand drawing letters, numbers, and shapes and photocopying  them I was able to add my own little touches and make it extra special.

Now, I am a women obessed with creating my own digital coloring sheets and I want to share the cuteness with everyone! Here is a sweet coloring page that's available for personal use. Download, print and get creative!

For adorable penguin lovers of all ages!  Fantastic to use for parties, classrooms, or babysitting activities.

Thanks for looking!

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