Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Guitar Pick Flowers

Make Fun Guitar Pick Flowers by Bingo Buttercup

Many years ago, I bought a ton of guitar picks to make into earrings. I also lived with two musicians and have my share of guitar playing friends that I have MAY have "borrowed" some from over the years to add to my collection. But recently, I decided to use them in a new way. Since, one of my favorite mediums of the moment is felt- I decided to incorporate some of that as well. The process was really simple and I'm sure that there are about a million ways to play around with what works for you.

Supplies & Tools I Used
  • 3 Jim Dunlop clear purple guitar picks
  • 3 Fender purple marbled guitar picks
  • 1 Square of purple felt for base (mine was approx. 3''by3'')
  • 2 Circles of  yellow felt for center (mine were about the size of quarters)
  • light purple embroidery floss and sewing needle
  • Sew on pin back.
  • Small craft drill
  1. I started by drilling two holes on each pick to enable me to sew them onto the felt base.
  2. Then I positioned them in the flower shape on the purple base, pinned them, and neatly sewed each one on.
  3. Next came attaching the center circles...I chose a very minimalist technique.
  4. Then I trimmed the purple felt around the guitar picks to give the effect of curved petal edges.
  5.  After that, I attached a scrap piece of purple felt for the back- to hide the stitches and give a finished look.
  6. Sew on the pin back. And, Viola! Completed!
I hope this inspires you to make a whole garden of these little guys! When you wear it proudly on your coat, I think it makes the statement of "Hey, I like music and whimsical flowers. I'm awesome."
Thanks for looking!

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