Friday, August 10, 2012

Fantastical Comic Characters Go Domestic!

At Home with...CATWOMAN by Bingo Buttercup
The inspiration for this quirky series is interesting...a mash up of two of my favorite loves: female comic book characters and retro housewives.
I have these two finished thus far: the once ferrel Catwoman bored with 1960's suburban life. (Although, she amuses herself with thieving from her naive neighbors.) And a cake-wielding, apron clad Wonder Woman in a 1950's style kitchen. I will soon get started on my renditions of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn and will post them here as well. I so hope someone out there likes these/gets the joke/sees the concept kinda. A fact I often wonder when it comes to my artistic ventures.

P.S. Keep in mind, I'm still ironing out the kinks and learning as I go with this whole "hand & digital drawing business." So, forgive the rough edges.

Thanks for looking! :)

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