Friday, September 28, 2012

Ruby Girl Friday

Polly Collage by Bingo Buttercup Crafts
Polly- the inspiration

First things first- I have such a great mom. She is the reason I am crafty and have a love of finding treasures in other's trash. Way back in the early 90's, my mom formed a friendship with an elderly neighbor of ours, Polly. She got to know this lovely lady because she was ALWAYS sitting out in her wheelchair having garage sales.

 Ms. Polly lived alone, had no children, and few relatives- none of which lived nearby. So- my mom {with me and my sister in tow} would come by to help her out with anything she needed and visit with her often. This woman was definitely a pack-rat to say the least, but her house was always clean and (somewhat) organized. Polly wasn't the super-sweet-grandma type character- she was a tough cookie. She was a stern former school teacher. Living in Dallas most of her adult life, she was actually family friends with Jack Ruby, the infamous guy who shot Lee Harvey Oswald (was involved with the assassination JFK in '63). I never really took advantage of all the stories she could have shared with me- I so regret not asking more questions. Sadly, Polly passed away in 2004 before I really got to let her know how much I appreciated her.

After her passing, my mom and I inherited all of her earthly possessions. Everything from  gorgeous antique furniture to unused wrapping paper from the 1950's. Other folks probably would have thrown away tons of her stuff due to the massive sheer volume there was to sort through. Not me and my mom! We went through everything and sorted the garbage from the keepers. We pretty much divided up the "keeper" items between the two of us, thus creating "heirlooms." There are definitely folks out there that think it's odd for me to cherish old photographs that aren't of my relatives and somebody else's yearbooks. But those people will never understand me and my need to archive and "rescue" old paper (before it's gone forever.)

OK- now onto my point!

I'm starting a series entitled "Ruby Girl Friday" in honor of Polly and my collection of Polly things. Why did I pick that name, you ask? Well, in my early 20's, I decided to write a short story about her and her connection to Jack Ruby. It was highly fictionalized, but included some historic facts. I thought the title was catchy. So, without further ado, first off- we dip our toes into (the enormous) vintage greeting card collection with some great vintage eye candy.

Just look at this darling little thing.
 I was very inspired by its cuteness- so I made some freebie clip art out of it, Enjoy!

I love oil lamps- actual and card versions. I made this into clip art, too!
Download this cute vintage clip art here! (For personal crafty use only)

Does this make you laugh, too?  I just love the little houses in the background.

This pretty floral lovely has amazing textures.
 Plus, it's actually a pop-up card. However, that aspect was hard to photograph...
 I LOVE  it!

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Thanks for looking folks! Come back and see what I come up with next!


It's All Connected said...

I was going to chastise you for cheering Mel up when she wanted to wallow but the story of the teacher made me change my mind. I'm going to follow you, instead, and make sure you don't mess up again! ~ Maureen

Donna Wilkes said...

The first place I always go at an estate sale is the trash where I often find all the ephemera the agent thought no one would want. There is one agent who will save a bag of old papers, cards, wrapping paper, and notebooks to see if I want any. Aren't you lucky that you have all those memories of Polly.

Distressed Donna Down Home

New Google follower!

Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Thanks so much Donna!

I have only had the pleasure of attending one real estate sale in my life and it was awesome. I love that I have all these artifacts from Polly's life. I feel like a junk archaeologist putting the pieces together.

Thanks again for following, my dear!


Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Maureen! Thanks so much for stopping by! I promise I'll be on my best behavior around the blog-o-sphere from now on. Nothing but sweetness from this girl! I'll even respond to emails and comments in a timely manner. ;)


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

Oh they are beautiful!

My grandfather was a hoarder, when he passed away there were many odd things, some of them really cool. When Nanna goes it'll be interesting to find out what she had stored

Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Oh dear Mel, I could tell you stories about all my hoarding family members...but they are not appropriate for the happy place that is my blog. :)

Michelle (VINTAGECOBWEB) said...

First time follower through Blog Hop.

What a great story. It's nice to know I'm not alone in saving wrapping paper and other items other people would throw away, they come in handy for craft projects.

Thanks for sharing this story and the lovely cards.

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Oh my goodness what a fun story about Polly and that she left everything to you and your mom is wonderful! How fun that must have been to go through everything like that! I love old photographs and ephemera too so I "get" why you have saved so much of it!

Looking forward to more of Ruby Girl Friday! :o)


Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Thanks so, so much for stopping by and leaving sweet comments, Michelle & Tania! I can't wait to share more of my treasures with my newest lovely followers. :)


Barbara Hiatt said...

I love vintage photographs! Great story too! Thanks for joining the party at Keep Calm and Link Up!
Barbara at Chase the Star

Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Thanks Barbara! You ladies are beautiful hostesses! :)