Friday, October 12, 2012

Ruby Girl Friday #3

I love snail mail. I love stamps, handwriting, and envelopes. Soooo, inspired by some of the items in my collection I decided to create this multi-layer textured goodness.

I used 3 posted letters and an old pocket map of Paris. This was my first time really going crazy with layers, but I love the end result! I also like to name my  paper designs (kinda like nail polish or lipstick- always better with clever names.) So I present you: "Miss Parker in Paris." I'm not 100% sure if my Ruby Girl inspiration, Polly Parker, actually went to Paris, France in her lifetime. But- I like to think she got out of Texas once in a while. I also made some cute little circle elements- for printing or digital use! I love how girly they came out.

Miss Parker in Paris (8.5'' by 11'' JPEG)
Lovely Lady Circles (8.5''by11'' PNG)
(Party On!)
Junkin Joe at the Cottage Market

What do you think my dears?


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

LOVE them and thanks so much for sharing!!! : ) hugs...

Connie Forsyth said...

So cute!! I have plans for these!! Newest follower. <a href=" from Sadieloohoo</a>

Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Thanks Andrea and Connie! :) Pretty please send me a pic of any cuteness you create with these. I'd be over the moon to see!