Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Paper Flowers

I love a good little flower. It's my favorite crafty icon- so versatile and timeless (like a little black dress is for my wardrobe.) I just can't get enough of the little cuties. There are about a billion ways to create paper flowers ranging from gorgeous realistic blooms to the most simplistic little daisies.

I enjoy making these little babies because they are suuuuuuper quick, easy, and easy to customize. Unlike most of my crafty pursuits, this project does require a special tool- a 2'' scalloped circle craft punch. I got mine on sale- 40% off, and its the only fancy punch I own. It's very much the opposite of a uni-tasker, so I feel its quite a handy investment.

Supplies I Used:

-any thin paper (I use old gift bags, scrapbook paper, laminated tissue paper, comic pages, vellum...the list is endless.) for the petals
-metal brad closures (any size) to hold your blooms together
-scissors (to cut a tiny slit at each scallop)

-cute things (like buttons and sequins) to embellish brads & E6000 glue
-Sharpies to change the color of brads and embellish the petals
-Glitter glue to glitterfy brads

I used 3 scalloped circles for each flower, but you could definitely use more if you like.

If you decide to embellish your brads, do that before you assemble. To assemble just stack your prepped    scalloped circles- poke a hole in the middle with the brad- and fluff out the layers.

I played around with the number of slits I cut for the individual petals. Some are in between every little curve and some are every two curves.

You can place a plain little circle layer directly behind the brad to add to the center of your flower. This also allows the fun folding and tucking of the petals. I personally love the texture this adds.

These little gems could be used for countless applications! Here's hoping this inspires some cutness!

Thanks for stopping by, my dears!


Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

So cute! I have one of those punches, I might get Elizabeth to make so with me - I love the paper too xoxo

Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

The punch makes 'em easy peasy to make uniform shapes. But I still have a soft spot in my heart for winging it free form style.

Camille said...

Pretty! Thanks for sharing :)