Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Friend Notecard Set

I am so thankful for my dear friends. My best friend Bonnie and I are both currently living in different states- away from most of our families. She's a navy wife and my sweetheart is doing work on an extended out of town job. So, we super miss each other. Our friendship from the outside may appear a borderline obsessive soul twinship- but that's because it kinda is. I mean, c'mon we used to work together, live within walking distance, and hang out ALL THE TIME. We even shared a nickname in the style of a celebrity couple. Bonnerly. She wears a lot of stripes and I own polka dots galore- hence the prints I chose. Basically, we are constantly making each other laugh and talking about sandwiches, and singing "The Golden Girls" theme song on each others voicemail. So- I was very much inspired to make these notecards for us and everyone who has a great friendship. I hope you all enjoy them, my dears!

{Party On!}
Junkin Joe at the Cottage Market

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