Monday, December 3, 2012

It's a Quirky Handmade Christmas!

In December of 2010, I was 9 months pregnant with my first child and seriously nesting. I had always been a very crafty girl, but I had never actually tried my hand at sewing. Inspired by my sweetheart's childhood stocking his mom made- I decided to pick up a needle and thread.

The supplies I had on hand were felt from my best friend and some embroidery floss/sequins from my mom. I had no idea if working with felt would actually yield usable heirlooms- BUT, my plan was to create Christmas with a little quirk. I started with my then-soon-to-be-born son Gatsby's. A playful jungle theme seemed suitable enough (and now it is very evident- he is certainly a little monkey.)

Much to my surprise- I was actually pretty dang good at this whole stocking thing. It took me a day (while taking many pregnancy naps) to complete Gatsby's. Oh dear, did I feel accomplished. So since I hadn't gone into labor yet, I decided to make Will and me some to match: Turtle family and mama owl worked out very nicely.

So fast forward to December 2012... enter the welcome new addition of little tiny Guthrie. Of course, he needed his own stocking and it had to be as funky as the rest of ours. A dinosaur with a Santa hat was jokingly suggested by dear devoted Dad. I liked the sound of that. I feel as of late I've been slightly off my craft mojo- so it worked out- less thinking on my part. Guthrie's stocking took one evening (honestly- the wee hours of the morning) of peaceful uninterrupted craft time. It seemed like I was painting with felt-very relaxing. I used 3 simple stitches: running, whip, and back stitch. Easy-peasy.

Viola! Cute, quirky felt stockings that are very suitable to our little family.

Hope you like 'em, bloggy land!


Jo Byrne said...

Oh, they are wonderful, my 9-year-old daughter would love the dinosaur one!I started sewing an 'Alphabet Sampler', with the idea of putting it on the nursery wall when my first son was born in 1992; it still isn't finished!! Card making has taken over, so each time I get it out to do, someone has a birthday or a request for cards to use themselves! So it's still waiting, 21 years later!!!

Lisa said...

girlfriend you are sooo talented! and you know i'm lovin' all the colors :)

Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Gee thanks guys! You really make my day! XOXO

Becky Lindenmayer said...

These are so whimsical and fun, your kiddos will love those sweet reminders of their youth when they grow up. Thanks for visiting and Following.

Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

Thanks for stopping by and showing me some blog love, Becky! I saw you post on elfster for the holiday ornament exchange and just popped over to your blog. Very sweet stuff!

Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...
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