Monday, January 7, 2013

Freebie Whimsy Facebook Cover

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone out there in blogland is doing well this fine day. I am feeling especially chipper. I guess it's because I'm super happy with my creative endeavors as of late. I've been spending quite a bit {most} of my time experimenting with turning my vintage & hand drawn images into digital designs.
I fully intend to create some great tutorials on how I do my digital craftiness...but I keep distracting myself with just making, making, making papers! (I have, like a hundred, Literally.) And if I'm not staying up all night on my laptop creating, you can find me stuck in an Etsy hole checking my store stats nonstop. I needed something fresh. So I thought I'd whip up & share this cute Facebook cover photo. It features 2 of the lovely papers from this pack.

Thanks for stopping by!

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