Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grand Opening of Knick Knack Nation- {Vintage} Instagram Shop!

I am super thrilled to be particapting in a great online community of Instagram thrift shops. I love it because it feels more like a "hunt" or "treasure finding expedition" that traditional thrifting brings. The shops I was so inspired by are mostly based in the US and have Etsy shops as well. Plus, everyone seems really friendly, willing to trade, and offer to keep "a eye out" for stuff you need while they're thrifting in their area. Geez, I just loved going to the Goodwill and buying all the stuff I always see but stop myself from getting. NOW- it's a different story- I get to buy small treasures- easily shipped- and share my love of kitsch. :) Here are some sneaky peeky pics of my inventory- soon to be posted as listings on Instagram.

Follow my crafts account at @bingobuttercup and/or the instashop @knickknacknation. I love to do giveaways and sweet stuff through both! Thanks lovelies!

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