Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Desperately Seeking Crafty Support Group

I am seriously slacking in my crafting obligations. Typically, I'm quite the night owl and get lots of creative things accomplished after the babes go to sleep and slightly before the sun comes up. (I operate on Leslie Knope time.) But lately, after reading the boys their nightly dose of Shel Silverstein, I find myself just watching Netflix and half-assed knitting to all hours.

And although it's semi-hidden in closets, I still have much supply/hoard organization to accomplish around my little house. I think this undone task hanging over my head is quite the distraction and has caused a riff in the crafty force.

But overall, I think my main problem is the lack of a "crafternoon or "crafty night" in my life. What's really irritating is that 99% of the friends I know who'd be down for this activity live miles & miles away. (And teleportation isn't an option yet, damnit.) If I had a group of friends coming over to my house on a semi-regular basis, I would be way more inclined to clean and organize my crafty spaces. I don't have a dedicated craft room, but my dining room works wonderful when it's not covered in crafty explosion.

 So here's my semi-plan on finding a group of like-minded folks to chat & craft with...
  • BROADCAST ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE. I know there are creative types within my social bubble- former classmates or co-workers I could try to recruit them first.
  • FIND LOCALS on Instagram that share my love of crafting, vintage, yarn, or sewing (or all of the above.
  • POST FLYERS on any bulletin boards that tickle my fancy. Off the top of my head,I'm thinking Hypnotic Donuts & White Rock Coffee. Both places are yummy and have tables for meeting up.  B.Y.O.C- bring your own craft! ;)
I'm very open to suggestions, so please share away!


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Rosemary said...

I need the same thing! You aren't in Houston are ya?