Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blondies from my Kitschy Paper Collection!

To say that I am vintage paper hoarder/enthusiast is the freaking understatement of the century. I am obsessed! So, I thought I would share some cuties with the masses! Save image or download at link, print, and ENJOY my kitschy darlings! And if you craft or decorate with these pretty please either email me a picture OR use hashtag #heybingobuttercup on Instagram.

How will you use these cute images? XOXO

Friday, January 16, 2015

Buttercup Hunters- January 2015

Hello my fellow thrift store enthusists!

This is an ongoing scavenger hunt that is open to everyone, has no time limit, and does not have to be completed chronically. All you need to do is follow @bingobuttercup on Instagram, take pictures of the 30 items on the list "in the wild," and use hashtag #buttercuphunters. When you are finished just let me have a quick looksie over your entries and I'll send you a fun little prize. 

Please spread the word! I'll be releasing a new one each month as well variations. 

Buttercup Hunters Scavenger Info
1.) Find every item on this list while out shopping for vintage stuff. Thrift stores, flea markets, antique malls, estate sales, etc. 
2.) Snap a quick little picture with coordinating list number & tag with #buttercuphunters. Feel free to tag the location as well!
3.) Once you complete the list (in any order, in however many days it takes!) let me know, I'll go over your submissions, and approve you for a prize! Woohoo! Free cute stuff for you! 

If you are set to private, that's ok! Just approve my follow request or email me your pictures!

Everyone worldwide is strongly encouraged & welcome to play!

Have fun! & happy thrifting! I can't wait to see your posts! 

Buttercup Thrift Tour- Dallas!

This Saturday!

Hey there! So glad this is happening!

A few things first...
-Bring sure to bring reusable shopping bags! Plastic bags cost extra in the City of Dallas.
-Thrifty scavenger hunt for those who want to play along! Prizes will be awarded! 

Meet-up starts at 10am inside of Urban Thrift. No set times/strict schedule after the initial start time.  The overall plan is to shop for some goodies, eat lunch in the Casa Linda Area** at lunchtime, and to just have fun!

Use #buttercupthrifttour and if you would like to participate in the Buttercup Hunters Ongoing & Worldwide Thrift Scavenger Mission then use #buttercuphunters are those posts. 

Urban Thrift (9-8pm)

Second Chance Treasures (10-6pm)
*proceeds go to no-kill animal shelter 

Garland Rd. Thrift (9-9pm)
*$$, big

Casa View Thrift (9-9pm)
*cash only recommended 

Value World Thrift Store 
*couldn't find the address online- so this is the Subway next door.
*$, some people hate the smell

Rescue Thrift (11-8pm)
*20% off on weekends

Second Chance Treasures Warehouse (10-5pm)
7939 Heinen Dr. 
Dallas, TX 75227 

-These are straight up thrift stores that are in my regular rotation, but I can certainly recommend fancier antique spots as well. And more thrift stores that I frequent in Garland, Tx. 

Lunch Options in Casa Linda Plaza

El Fenix
255 Casa Linda Plz
Dallas, TX

Torchy's Tacos <<<--------my personal choice for this trip
9440 Garland Road #234, 
Dallas, TX 75218
Pei Wei Asian Diner
 9540 Garland Road #383,
 Dallas, TX 75218

Lover's Pizza & Pasta
9440 Garland Road #162,
Dallas, TX 75218

9540 Casa Linda Plz #246, 
Dallas, TX 75218

Highland Park Cafeteria
1200 North Buckner Boulevard, 
Dallas, TX 75218

Havana Cafe
1152 North Buckner Boulevard Suite J-126, 
Dallas, TX 75218